Audio Tech.

Audio Technologies

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I offer upgrade services, or clean installs for stage (temporary or permanent), consumer (in-ceiling, wall, wireless, etc. sound systems), and even studio application.  With a basic consultation fee, I can outline multiple setups that are perfectly suited to provide the solution you are seeking.

mixing board 2Using visual aids and step-by-step instructions, I will build a guide for you that will allow anyone to fully utilize your audio equipment, even if they have never used such before.

From churches to doctor’s offices to single events, I will find a solution for you.

If you have specific system in mind, and/or have already purchased it, or just want to install some upgrades or other changes, I will also perform that function.

From a basic install to an expert ground-up build, I’ve got you covered.


* Pictures are only for demonstration purposes, and are not representative of actual setups by Ageless Technologies.