Stage Presence

Stage Presence

I have never seen any organization that does live talks/shows/services that could not polish up on their live skills.  From physical presence to microphone control to crowd awareness… I’ve got it covered in my Stage Presence workshop.  A 2-hour workshop designed around making your presentation professional and polished.

There are many aspects to providing the presence that people perceive when viewing your organization, and all of them are important.

I also offer a Handbook for Professional Stage Presence, included in the workshop, or (soon) you can purchase any amount of copies from the store.

I have years of audio and sound experience, both on-stage and in-studio, from such diverse settings as amateur and professional studios, live performances of all sizes and even in radio, as a board operator, on-air personality and as a general manager.

Much like a webpage, book or product on the shelf, the people on-stage are the face of your organizations.  Make them shine!

Subjects covered in workshop:

  • Microphone Etiquette (Spatial Zones, Sibilants and Plosives, Sound Tests, etc.)
  • Utilizing Space and Presence (Relax!, Space, Where To Look)
  • Crowd Awareness and Inclusion (How to talk to everyone one-on-one, Projection)
  • Recording (What Not To Do, What Comes Through)
  • Physical Composure and Delivery (Standing, Breathing, Gesturing, Moving, and Shocking)
  • The Ultimate Crowd Control: How To Work With Your Audio Tech (Communications, Awareness)
  • Rule of Thumbs (Keep Practicing, Tips and Tricks)
  • Stage Fright and Excitement: Keeping It Under Control