Professional Consultations

Professional Consultations

Audio:  I offer upgrade services, or clean installs for stage (temporary or permanent), consumer (in-ceiling, wall, wireless, etc. sound systems), and even studio application.  With a basic consultation fee, I can outline multiple setups that are perfectly suited to provide the solution you are seeking.

From full-time churches to doctor’s offices to single events, I will find a solution for you.

Computer:  Every organization can benefit from streamlining their processes.  Most of it is gathered in how your computers are set up, and how they interact with each other.   I can clean, streamline, upgrade and fix your computer system to better serve the needs of your organization.  Network them, centralize the information you need so everyone has access to the same information at the same time, build websites that help fulfill this needs; open a whole new avenue for clientele by giving you online tools to better serve their needs; build databases, newsletters… the list is virtually endless!

Stage Presence: I have never seen any organization that does live talks/shows/services that could not polish up on some live skills.  From physical presence to microphone control to crowd awareness… I’ve got it covered in my Stage Presence workshop.  A 2-hour workshop designed around making your presentation professional and polished.

I have years of audio and sound experience, both on-stage and in-studio, from such diverse settings as amateur and professional studios, live performances of all sizes and even in radio, as a board operator, on-air personality and as a general manager.

Much like a webpage, book or product on the shelf, the persons on-stage are the face of your organizations.  Make it shine!

In conclusion: I have always found that a solution to every problem lies around somewhere just waiting to be picked up.  One of my best skills is finding those solutions and combining or turning them into a comprehensive answer to a problem.  With my full Professional Consultation, I will be able to (with-in the limits you set) give you a run-down on all your technology opportunities, and give you a more professional, and appealing, presence.