Computer Tech.

Computer Technologies

Every organization can benefit from streamlining their processes.  Most of it is centered around how your computers are set up, and how they interact with each other.   I can clean, streamline, upgrade and fix your computer system to better serve the needs of your organization.  Network them, centralize the information you need so everyone has access to the same information at the same time, build websites that help fulfill this needs; open a whole new avenue for clientele by giving you online tools to better serve their needs; build databases, newsletters… the list is virtually endless!

For the home user, I offer basic cleaning and optimizing ($50);  advanced optimizing (with free cleaning, $100) and expert emergency virus/adware removal (includes basic cleaning and optimizing, $75-$125 depending on severity, or $150 for cleaning, and advanced optimization.)

I also offer an hourly rate ($45) for in-home services and tutorial.

Whatever your needs, I am fast, affordable and make using a computer understandable and enjoyable.

And if there is one thing I stand by on all this:

“It will run faster and better than the day you bought it.”

-Adrian Madden