Web Presence

Your on-line presence is vital!  In this day and age, a person’s perception of any company or organization is first set by what they find on-line.  Information, pictures, and the dreaded search engine all play a role to promote, or obstruct, their sense of your worth.

If your website is broken, or non-functional, what does that say about your organization/business?  If you have products or services to offer, how are they going to know if the website doesn’t give them the needed information?

In this informational age, it is a sad fact that all too often the website is a denigration to the business.  You can have the best products, the most amazing customer support, the least inefficiently run business or organization in the world, but without a good front door with an excellent sign, nobody would ever know.

That same thing goes for a website.  Most people search for a service and base their decisions on what they find in the first page of search results.  It’s a sad day, and a lost sale, when someone decides your wonderful service/product is not to their liking because they can’t make heads or tails of your website.

Another aspect that is lacking in most websites is social media.  This is a tool that drives people who would otherwise not know about you to your website.  With the proper setup, you can turn such sites as Facebook, Meetup, and others into the growth driver to move to the next level.

Using the almost 20 years of experience in designing, building, and maintaining websites, I can build any kind of site you need.  From basic informational single-page designs, to full blown on-line stores, I can deliver to you a site that will wow your audience, and push the traffic you need for the growth you want.

With just some basic information, I can give you the tools to make your on-line presence easy, powerful, and effective.