Computer repair & maintenance

  • $50 Basic cleaning & Optimization (Removal of basic problem programs, etc.)
  • $100 Advanced cleaning & Optimization (Problem programs, Windows settings, folder optimization, etc.)
  • $75-$125 Emergency virus/crashed computer recovery (Price dependent on severity)
  • $150 Emergency virus/crashed computer recovery with optimization and cleaning.

Consumer Technologies (Network, cellphone, tablets, TV, surround sound systems, etc.)

  • $25 per hour for tutorial and explanation
  • $45 per hour for setup

Web Presence

  • Cost is variable and based on required features/number of pages/etc.

Audio Installation (Without consultation evaluations/recommendations)

  • Dependent on system you want installed — from $100 to $5000.  This includes running wires, installing electric, building supports, etc.
  • $150 for custom manual & one 2-hour training session.  For larger systems ($500 or higher), this is included for free.

Pro Consultations

  • $100 Equipment evaluation & upgrade/build recommendation (3 different setups, based on price)
  • $150 Stage Presence evaluation & recommendations
  • $250 Full Stage & Sound evaluation & recommendations
    • Price for all three is dependent on buying the reports.  If you decide to use my full services, with build and training, price for evaluations/recommendations is waived.