Hello!  My name is Adrian Madden, owner of Ageless Technologies.   To introduce myself, and the experience I have in different fields of home and business, computer, audio and consumer electronics, I will give you a brief tour of my history.

I have been an avid computer use since I was 12 years old.  That’d be around 1988, back when the only mainstream way one computer could communicate with another computer was with a phone line and a modem.

I not only witnessed, but joined in the development of the world wide web, building web sites and different technologies with my early meager programming skills, and improving on those skills and others that I have eventually turned in to providing solutions to a diverse clientele.

I also was knee-deep, as it were, in computers throughout my early schooling career.  In high school, I networked all the computers in the computer lab together.  I also designed curriculum for the teacher, with instructions on how to utilize the computer, DOS, Windows operating system, and various programs installed on them.

During college, I had the opportunity and privilege of being one of the first students taken through Mt. San Jacinto’s community college in the Audio Technology program.  In it I learned production techniques, audio equipment utilization, wiring for live and studio setups, and all other necessary skills for live and studio recording and live shows.

I also was a student in Speech, Acting and Philosophy.  I used these studies to help sharpen my public persona in such a way that I was more capable as a Presence in any gathering.  Some of these skills I was able to (and some directly) turn into an ability to maximize my stage presence skills.

Since I left college, I have been in turn, a salesman at a Radio Shack, where I was sought after for my knowledge and skills, both as a retailer and at the service level, where I would make housecalls for anything from computer repair to in-wall stereo installation and setup;  and the radio station manager for KMET 1490, a small radio station where I was known to wear many hats; and a father and continuing work-from-home professional of the technologies that surround us in the modern world.

Nice to meet you!  ?

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